1. okonogiyasako:


    luigi leaves the planet for another adventure 

  2. tennantbutt:

    screen accurate fox mulder cosplay

    personally thanking princeowl for that text post

  3. applying to harvard

    harvard people: so your application is just 94 pictures of dana scully with hearts drawn on in pink crayon?
    me: yes
    harvard people: shit boy you're in

  4. sassymontparnassy:

    my hair was so light it wouldn’t go all the way black goddamn white girl for life

  5. kingcheddarxvii:


    Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair


    this man has gone too far

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  8. Svetlana: You were flirting with the women in rubber!
    Anatoly: There will always be women in rubber flirting with me! Give me a break!

  9. oh shit

    collins and angel were so in love bc they knew they had so little time left with each other so they cherished each and every moment they had together

  10. strawberry-delicious said: I think Maureen's matured a bit by the end of the show though and is more ready to give Joanne the commitment she needs, though maybe there's something they could do in looking up polyamory! I agree about the trust issues, I think Joanne's got a lot of insecurities deep down, but I still think they could pull through with the help of a good third party to help them communicate and sort out their shit!

    hmm i dont really know man im v tired im going to bed after this ask

    like there’s actually a high percentage of relationships that start as affairs that end up failing bc of trust issues

    and i love seeing queer relationships that work but then its like. we have to work with what we have and with maureen and joanne i dont think they’d work as a married couple until both of them decided to actually like„,talk i guess idk

    like if maureen sees the light and becomes a nun and has a new vow of celibacy then their relationship would flourish but like.

    there are always gonna be issues in relationships so bringing a new person in might help a bit but its not gonna make it perfect you know